We offer customer a choice between Laser Cladding and Submerged Arc Welding method for piston rods restoration. The difference between the two methods is mainly the surface hardness obtained. The laser cladding technique obtains high surface hardness and thus ensures high load capacity and longer lifespan of the reconditioned piston rod.

No matter the welding method to be applied, initially, our quality control engineers inspect the entire rod surface prior to processing (NDT, dimensional measurement, hardness measurement and chemical analysis) and submit to the customer a detailed report presenting the status of their rod.

Also, independently of the welding method, after welding, machining takes place on high end CNC turning and grinding machines to ensure very good cylindricity and straightness of the entire working surface.

The key features of a high quality piston rod reconditioning are surface hardness and roughness as both parameters play an important role on the rod service life. KIMI ensures, with both methods, final roughness between (Ra) 0.4-0.8μm and can achieve high surface roughness when requested with the laser cladding method.