With more than 100 years of experience in ship repair services and excellent access to shipyards, KIMI SA has become a strategic partner of many shipping companies on a global level. Strategically located close to Piraeus, the Company combines personnel’s solid technical skills with high manufacturing capabilities and advanced reconditioning techniques.  All these years, we have accumulated deep knowledge and vast experience in trouble-shooting and the development of fast and flexible solutions in each case. Thus, our customers benefit from obtaining fast, tailored and of high quality solutions to their critical, unexpected breakdowns as well as from the in-house developed services that prolong their critical components lifetime.

KIMI’s wide service portfolio ranges from diesel engines to auxiliary and deck equipment maintenance and repair. Some of the most  common services carried out are: diesel engines’ overhaul  and reconditioning including fuel pumps and injectors, pistons, exhaust valves and connecting rods as well as auxiliary machinery repair including pumps and winches.

Reverse engineering and remanufacturing have always been a key value proposition for KIMI SA. Starting with steam turbines repairs, the company’s R&D team continuously develops services, in- house, in order to prolong critical, high value components lifetime.

The workshop is equipped with state of the art multi axes CNC machines as well as conventional machines of all types. Welding techniques carried out include laser cladding, SAW (submerged arc welding), MIG, TIG and Laser Cladding. A modern, fully- equipped metallurgical laboratory reassures quality throughout the process.

Except from works carried out in the workshop, our ‘flying squad’ repair technicians are available to offer afloat services round-the-clock worldwide. Each travelling team is specialized in carrying out very specific services. Thus, there are different teams for engine overhauling, fuel pumps timing, steam turbines inspection and maintenance and in-situ crankshaft machining.