KIMI has successfully carried out in situ journal machining on a wide variety of crankshaft types by using cutting edge journal tooling and without dismantling the crankshaft from the engine.

Our value proposition is our on site travelling team consisting of technicians experienced, not only in the use of in situ machining equipment, but also in material analysis, identifying crankshaft failure causes, evaluating journal damage and proposing the most appropriate reconditioning solutions. Our on site technicians are available round-the-clock worldwide to inspect and provide solutions as soon as the crankshaft breakdown occurs.

Our onsite crankshaft grinding service consists of:

  • Machining or grinding of crankpin and main journals- diameter range 135-600mm
  • Grinding of crankpin and main journal fillets
  • Machining and reaming of coupling bolt holes
  • Full reporting of crankshaft condition prior and after refurbishment
  • Heat Treatment

In order to ensure excellence in our in situ grinding service, our technicians also carry out the following supplementary services:

  • NDT Inspection- NDT services and certificates are issued by certified personnel (Level II EN473)
  • Hardness Testing – Hardness certificate in accordance with ISO 17025

Once the crankshaft is recovered, we are able to supply undersized bearings (or oversized when the crankcase is machined) with very short delivery times.