Our company’s policy is based on achieving the highest quality standards possible for our offered products and services while optimizing cost efficiency in order to maximize client satisfaction.  Our mission is to constantly raise the bar as to how the term “high quality” is perceived by  the markets we cater to.

For us, quality means respecting and catering to the needs of our  through meticulous work and attention to detail.

To achieve this mission:

  • We have developed a quality control system according to the standards of ISO 9001/2015
  • We utilize all resources necessary in order to secure and constantly update the  unobstructed, efficient and effective function  of our company
  • We maintain a highly skilled workforce by continuously educating and evaluating our employees
  • We comply to the market’s needs while prioritizing customer satisfaction

The attainment of the goals above is being annually reviewed  by KIMI’S management through our system retrospection process. The use of indicators for the quantification of our goals allows us to evaluate the company’s daily functions.

The continuous optimization of our Quality Control System’s efficacy ranks among our top priorities and is deeply engraved in our company’s philosophy.

The present quality policy is available to all stakeholders.  The company’s workforce, including management, is under obligation to fulfill their legal responsibilities and cooperate towards achieving the company’s fundamental goal of constant success and commercial growth. All employees and employers involved in KIMI SA have been informed about and are obliged to comply to the company’s policy.

Our quality policy will be evaluated and updated , when necessary, as part of the reevaluation process. Any changes made in the future will be published and applied.