Steam turbines are used in refineries for various purposes, mainly as prime movers for pumps and centrifugal compressors. Also large units of tenths of MW up to several hundred are found were power for demand is big. No matter the size the operational principle is the same and damages are of the same nature. Often a blade or a series of blades will fail. Shafts journals and bearings may wear out or shaft sealing strips may get damaged. Casing sealing strips may also found worn out. Steam and oil labyrinths often found excessively worn.

No matter what the damage is or what the steam turbines drives, the main purpose is to restore the operation of the faulty unit the soonest possible, having in mind two major factors that is quality and reliability.

Having more than 25 years’ experience in steam turbines overhauls, repairs and parts manufacture by reverse engineering or drawings, we guarantee short lead times and high quality works. Within our steam turbine department the following, but not only, works are carried out:

  • Overhaul general dismantling, inspection and measurements, detailed reporting assembly with new spares (owners supplied or made by us).
  • Fitting in place and testing
  • Manufacture of blades, rotating and stationary
  • Manufacture of blade carriers/diaphragms
  • Manufacture of nozzles
  • Manufacture of shafts and rotors
  • Manufacture of bearings
  • Manufacture of steam and oil labyrinths
  • Manufacture of gears (pinion and bull gears)
  • Repair of shaft journals and sealing strips by laser cladding
  • Repair of bearing pockets by laser cladding
  • Repair of pinion and bull gear shafts by laser cladding
  • Machining of casings and restoration of mating surfaces by laser cladding

Local refineries, which are worldwide known like MOTOR OIL and HELPE, rely on us because of our high degree of professionalism, experience, technical staff, machinery infrastructure, engineers and our commitment to quality. These are our strengths.