In the event of sliding surfaces’ abrasion, erosion of the cut-off holes of the barrel and the cut-off edges of the plunger or corrosion due to acids, scuffing of sliding surfaces occurs and the set of barrel-plunger has to be replaced. Through reverse engineering, advanced material analysis techniques and state of the art multi axis CNC machines, KIMI has developed the ‘’barrel-plunger remanufacturing service’’.

Our engineers manufacture plungers of any engine type, completely identical to the original ones. First, a careful visual and dimensional inspection of the barrel and plunger is carried out to assess the condition and a relevant report is offered to our customers. Next, the barrel bore is finely grinded based on the inspection measurements in order cylindricity to be restored. Through 3-D scanning our engineers derive all necessary dimensions and produce a completely identical and slightly oversized plunger.

The restored pump assembly operates exactly like a new one, safely and reliably. Barrel-plunger remanufacturing service is one more “green” and cost- effective service developed by KIMI with a long successful track record since 1998.