Slide fuel valves, the latest and environmentally friendly fuel valves, have become mandatory by IMO and are fitted on all modern MAN two stroke engines.

Despite their design and advantages over the old fuel valve types, they are still fuel valves that suffer wear and thus need to be overhauled and replaced after certain running hours. Based on OEM instructions, slide fuel valves should be overhauled every 8000 running hours and replaced with new at 16000 running hours. KIMI has developed an in-house remanufacturing service, called Slide Fuel Valves Remanufacturing offering customers the following great benefits:

  • Service life restored to 0 running hours
  • Performance like new
  • Cost- effectiveness
  • Remanufacturing process does not impact slide valves NOX reduction

KIMI launched slide fuel valves remanufacturing service in 2013 and has since then developed clientele of considerable size. Our engineers in collaboration with our in-house accredited metallurgical lab, our R&D department and our modern manufacturing facilities, have managed to resurrect your slide valves in a “green” way. So staying “green” in a cost effective way is now possible.