For all valves (Stainless Steel, Nimonic and Duraspindle) reconditioning of the combustion face and seat, including W-type, is the most attractive and cost-effective solution when carried out properly, otherwise it may result in component failures or shorter life expectancy.

KIMI SA develops procedures including identification of exact material composition and the implementation of the right welding process to ensure life expectancy of the repaired component.

Material, welding procedure and quality check are some of the most critical factors of the reconditioning process. Specifically:

  • Material composition identification is crucial during initial inspection. Exhaust Valve disc repaired in the past with wrong filler material can cause premature failure of the next recondition
  • Exhaust valve and seat should be built up and not just machined in order dimensions to be fully restored
  • Quality assurance throughout the repair process and final quality control are necessary in order unrevealed cracks and defects to be detected and thoroughly removed

We, at KIMI, offer a full-rebuilding, premium quality service that includes:

  • Restoration to the original dimensions. We do not just recondition, we rebuild exhaust valves and seats
  • Stamp on rebuilt exhaust valves with KIMI logo and order number in order to enhance traceability
  • Initial and final inspection report- if necessary even in between the repair stages- in order to increase customers visibility
  • Cracks detection with penetrant fluids prior rebuilding and repair
  • Measurement report and ultrasonic certificate. NDT services and certificates are issued by certified personnel (Level II EN473)

As an alternative to our rebuilding service, we offer exhaust valves and seats on exchange basis or for sale.