Fuel injection is a very important process which may have negative effects in various ways, if the related components-mechanisms are not handled with care during maintenance and overhaul procedures. Misfiring cylinders, fuel leakages, wrong timing may have many serious side effects on engine life and performance. IMO rules and environmental restrictions have raised the importance of that process to another level.

Our Fuel Injection Services Department mission is to ensure safe, smooth and reliable operation of your engines, by handling with extra care your fuel injection system and its components. KIMI has the experience, skills and knowledge as well as suitable equipment to perform a wide variety of works. Two-stroke and four-stroke engine fuel pumps, fuel valves, reversing mechanism and other related components such as suction valves, non- return valves and puncture valves overhauling, fuel pump shock absorbers, fuel pump roller guides and pneumatic reverse mechanisms are some of the services included in our portfolio.

All fuel elements are treated by dedicated personnel, with long experience in repair/overhauls, as well as in engine timing and performance. Our technicians follow maker’s instructions and use approved testing equipment, to ensure that processed components will work in good order and reliably.

When spares are needed then, our in- house infrastructure has the capability to produce the necessary components, using the latest technology multi axes CNC machines and advanced reverse engineering techniques, which in collaboration with our accredited metallurgical laboratory, guarantee replacement parts 100% identical to OEM’s. Our Fuel Injection Department along with our R&D department has developed cost-saving, dedicated remanufacturing services for Slide Type Fuel Valve, Barrel-Plunger, Suction Valve and Non-return valve of MAN main engines, which reduce maintenance and replacing parts costs.