KIMI SA is a modern mechanical workshop with a unique set up and large services portfolio. It offers services to the shipping industry, the power generation and refinery industries and more. Two modern facilities are equipped with state of the art CNC machine tools, modern welding and laser cladding systems, metallurgical laboratory and skilled technicians and engineers. The services we offer are spread within the following departments:

Mechanical workshop: Overhaul and repair of 2-stroke and 4-stroke diesel engines for the marine and power generation industry. Repair of pumps, fans, gearboxes, hydraulic cylinders, mooring & windlass winches, compressors, steering & rudder gear and many more. Fabrication of mechanical parts/\spares as per samples or drawings.

Special Rebuilding: Rebuilding of piston crowns, exhaust valve spindles & seats, cylinder covers and piston rods, for 2-stroke marine and power generation diesel engines.

Fuel Injection: Overhaul and repair of fuel injectors, fuel valves and fuel pump elements for 2-stroke and 4-stroke marine and power diesel engines. Manufacture of plungers and spares by reverse engineering. Fuel injection timing adjustment and performance tests.  

Laser Cladding: Repair and build-up of worn surfaces for critical rotating and non-rotating mechanical components such as turbocharger rotors and casings for marine and shore based diesel engines, pistons, piston rods, steam turbine rotors, crankshafts & camshafts, tail shafts and propellers, pump rotors, gear shafts and many more.

Steam Turbines & Reverse Engineering: Manufacture of steam turbines blades (rotating and stationary), nozzles, blade carriers, turbine rotors, steam and oil labyrinths, bearings, pinions & bull gears, casings and other related steam turbine parts. All parts are produced from samples by Reverse engineering or drawings supplied by the customer.

In – situ machining: In situ machining and grinding of marine and power generation 4-stroke diesel engine crankshaft, main and connecting rod journals, with special portable machine.

Quality control: Chemical analysis of steel, nickel, titanium, copper and their alloys with stationary or portable optical emission spectrometers. Hardness measurements with stationary and portable equipment. NDT inspections by penetrant fluids, magnetic particles and ultrasonic and X-Ray inspections. High accuracy measurements with CMM. Metallographic and fracture analysis, tension/compression and bending tests.

Travelling teams: Expert engineers and technicians are available for overhauling and maintenance operations for marine two and four stroke engines, as well as marine application steam turbines and rotating turbomachinery in power plants and refineries.