Combustion chamber components like piston crown, exhaust valve spindle and seat, and cylinder cover, are all subjected to high temperatures, corrosive environment, abrasion and fluctuating stresses. Replacement cost of these components is usually high and, therefore, reconditioning is commonly regarded as the most cost- effective solution offered in the market.

There are several factors that define the quality of the reconditioning services. One critical factor is whether components are restored back to their original dimensions according to OEM’s standards. Proper reconditioning involves building up and not just machining of the component. Another factor is that surface and subsurface defects and faults have to be detected and eliminated effectively in order unexpected failures after repair to be avoided. The quality of the materials used for the recondition and whether quality assurance is part of the repair process are also important.

KIMI’s reconditioning services ensure full restoration of the components’ service life. In order to accomplish full restoration, we rebuild and not just recondition combustion chamber components. We offer:

  • Guarantee for our piston crown and cylinder cover rebuilding services
  • Stamp on the piston crowns and exhaust valve spindles rebuilt in our workshop in order to enhance traceability
  • Detailed report prior and after completion of the reconditioning process – if necessary even in between the repair stages- in order to increase our customers visibility. NDT services and certificates by certified personnel (Level II EN473)
  • Premium quality as quality assurance- inter-stage dimensional check, NDT- and final quality control ensure zero defects after the repair of the parts Material certificates upon request
  • A variety of engine type components on exchange basis or for sale for emergency replacements