It is of high importance refinery operators to ensure that equipment operation is smooth and reliable. To sustain reliability and smooth performance, all machinery-equipment- pumps, centrifugal or not, single stage or multi stage, reciprocating compressors or centrifugal, steam turbines, gas turbines, blowers and fans, heat exchangers – are overhauled or repaired during scheduled maintenance intervals. This of course does not mean that unexpected failures may not happen, but in any case, down time should be kept to minimum possible.

Our technical personnel, always following makers guidelines, has carried out successfully many machinery overhauls and repairs in situ, including machining works with portable equipment, or in the workshop, where our infrastructure is very advanced. The blend of high tech CNC machines, modern metallurgical laboratory, reverse engineering experts and CAD/CAM systems as well as high level engineers and machinists, promises successful repairs and/or production of high quality components where necessary. Steam turbine blades pump impellers, radial compressor wheels, high speed gears are just some of the components we have produced repeatedly for refinery machinery, through reverse engineering.

Moreover we have the ability to restore the operational life and value of critical components through Laser Cladding. It is a technology through which worn surfaces of any complexity or geometry can be built up by means of strong metallurgical bond, without distorting the component. Through same technology the surface properties could be further improved as various filler powders can be applied depending on the characteristics to be achieved. Therefore a high value component will just be salvaged, but it could become even better compare to new, fast and at lower cost. Our laser cladding cell is one of most modern in Europe and since 2013 we have managed to restore hundreds of high value components for the refineries, amongst which are compressor wheels, steam turbine rotors, gear shafts, machinery casings and many more.

Local refineries rely on us because we have the right human resources and machinery infrastructure to respond promptly in any task and provide cost effective and reliable solutions, keeping lead times as short as possible and quality always at the top.