The engine room is the most important compartment of a commercial vessel. As the term states, it accommodates the main propulsion engine as well the auxiliary engines for electrical power generation.

KIMI has long experience in overhauling main and auxiliary engines on board commercial vessels. Our technical personnel are highly skilled and capable of overhauling any kind of two or four stroke diesel engines. Major tasks include the following works:

  1. Piston overhauling
  2. Cylinder cover overhauling
  3. Liner overhauling
  4. Stuffing box overhauling (2 stroke engines)
  5. Exhaust valve cage overhauling
  6. Fuel pumps overhauling-adjustment
  7. Fuel valves overhauling
  8. Main and connecting rod bearings overhauling
  9. Crankshaft and camshaft inspections
  10. Cross head bearings overhauling
  11. Sea trials

All the above works are very important for the sustainability of main and auxiliary engines, but also need to be carried out at the shortest time possible. The shortest the shutdown will be, the minimum the financial impact will be. Our customers benefit from obtaining fast, tailored and of high quality solutions to their critical, unexpected breakdowns as well as from the in-house developed services that prolong their critical components lifetime.

Our customers include shipping companies that operate all kinds of vessels and all types of engines amongst which are MANB&W, SULZER, WARTSILA, MITSUBISHI, YANMAR, DAIHATSU, PIELSTICK, RUSTON, MaK and many more. Our prompt respond and quality of our works has placed us in the leading position of the industry. Our modern mechanical workshop can support these operations by means of repairing or manufacturing defective components when needed, thus offering 100% backup when ashore operations are necessary.

The blend of more than 30 years’ experience in the marine industry, the highly skilled technical personnel and engineers, the state of art mechanical workshop and the continuous investments in new technologies and development of skills, guarantee top quality works at the shortest possible lead time.