At KIMI, exhaust valves- Stellite, Nimonic and Duraspindle types- and exhaust valve seats- including W type- are processed and brought back to operation with our modern and automated PULSE MIG SYSTEMS. It is worth mentioning that we do not just recondition, we fully rebuild components back to their original dimensions.

Before the beginning of the repair process, exhaust valves and seats are inspected carefully- visually, dimensionally and with penetrant fluids- by our in-house certified quality inspection personnel (Level II EN473). Following the completion of the inspection process, a condition assessment report is offered to the customer showing the status and damaged areas (stem diameter, cracks, max burn-off etc).

In-between critical stages careful NDT inspection is carried out and before dispatching, components are inspected with their special gauge. A final inspection report is offered for both our exhaust valve spindle and seat reconditioning service. During final quality check, exhaust valves are stamped with KIMI logo and order number in order traceability to ne enhanced.

Finally, as an alternative to our rebuilding service, KIMI offers exhaust valves and seats on exchange basis or for direct sale.