Having more than 20 years’ experience in steam turbine repairs and extensive engineering and manufacturing capabilities, KIMI is the most reliable, fast and cost- effective alternative to Original Equipment Manufacturers.  Our engineers can reverse engineer and manufacture any steam turbine component from turbine blades and blade carriers to complete pinion shafts, nozzles, vanes, bearings and any other turbine related part/assembly. In our metallurgical laboratory, samples are analyzed and required materials are accurately specified. All critical components are manufactured or remanufactured in the multi axes, high- precision machining centers of our CNC machining department.

In addition to our manufacturing capability, we use the state of the art surface restoration Laser Cladding technology that can, literally, repair and bring back to operational life, heavily damaged critical, high- value components. The main advantage of this modern surface build up technique is that a strong metallurgical bond is formed while heat loads remain very low and the component to be restored does not deform. Turbine blade tips, trailing edges or leading edges, turbine shaft journals, sealing strips on rotor and on casings can be fully- restored with this advanced technique.

Machining of low and high pressure casing faces, restoration of main valve box, repair of shaft sealing strips and installation of new strips, turbine rotor and disc modification by machining as per makers instructions, as well as restoration of bearings by casting new white metal and machining, are just few of the works we carry out frequently for industrial steam turbines.

Except for our expertise and long proven track record, KIMI offers fast response and short lead times, minimizing in that way customers downtime. Specialized technicians are available to travel round-the-clock worldwide for inspection, fault diagnosis and other in- situ services required.