Fuel injection is one of the most important and fundamental processes in all internal combustion engines. Injecting the right amount of fuel at the right time yields the best out of the engine in terms of power, exhaust gas temperatures and emissions.

Our travelling teams or ‘flying squad’ technicians are available round-the-clock to attend your vessel worldwide for fuel injection timing. KIMI diesel engine experts have deep knowledge and experience in internal combustion engine fuel injection system and always carry out timing following OEMs instructions.

First, they check fuel racks and linkage mechanism and the VIT (where applicable). They run the engine and monitor performance. Using modern portable diagnostic equipment, they fit a set of sensors on to the engine and carry out sea trials at full speed. Performance values are carefully monitored and recorded and performance diagrams are plotted. Interpretation of these diagrams helps our engineers to do the necessary adjustments in fuel injection gear in order to match recent values with those derived during maker’s sea trials.

The procedure that we follow proves the quality of our work, at shore and on-board, but most important it shows the actual condition and performance of their engines. Up to date our fuel department specialists have overhauled thousands of fuel valves, injectors and pumps and delivered successfully hundreds of main and auxiliary engines of all makers and types. Our knowledge and our people built our successful track record with customers all over the world and positioned us amongst the best marine engine servicing companies.