Replacement with new part is commonly advised by Original Equipment Manufacturers when one or more of the following damages occur:

  • Rotor shaft worn piston ring groove/sealing ring, journals or total shaft
  • Rotor broken or worn blade tips
  • Compressor wheel broken or worn blade tips
  • Turbine housing worn internal diameter – sealing diameter with turbine wheel
  • Cartridge/bearing housing worn groove- sealing with rotor piston ring groove
  • Nozzle ring worn internal diameter
  • Cover ring worn internal diameter

We acknowledge that the replacement of worn turbocharger parts can lead to long down-times and high costs. Based on our extensive, in- house engineering capabilities, we offer a flexible and cost- efficient solution for turbocharger breakdown. Laser cladding is an advanced technique, with enormous advantages, for building up worn surfaces.

The first and most important one is that a strong metallurgical bond is achieved between the powdered and the base material. Moreover, there is minimal heat input during the process and distortion caused to the part. Laser cladding not only restores damaged parts but also improves their resistance to erosion and corrosion. Turbocharger is high-speed machinery operating at high temperature of exhaust gas and under extremely high strain. Laser cladding is the only sustainable, delicate solution for restoring the service life of such a critical component.

Having already carried out repairs for hundreds of turbochargers, we have undertaken orders for a wide range of different turbocharger types.  Our experience along with our reverse engineering capability allows us to carry out repairs on each and every turbocharger type available in the market.  Finally, customers’ high visibility is pursued from the beginning to the completion of the order. Therefore, we provide our customers with full-reporting prior to repairs in order to specify the condition of the part as well as a detailed quote including each repair step with clarity, from disassembly to dynamic balancing, assembly and packaging.