Power stations operate with diesel engines, steam turbines, gas turbines or combinations of the three for the production of necessary electricity. To preserve reliability as high as possible, all three prime movers are subjected to scheduled maintenance intervals during which are dismantled and overhauled and all components are inspected and measured carefully. Depending on running hours, critical parts are replaced by new regardless their condition or repaired.

Our machinery and personnel infrastructure can support both diesel and turbine engine overhauls and repairs. Our technicians have long experience and solid technical background in overhauling and machining operations of 2-stroke and 4-stroke diesel engines on- site. Defective or worn parts can be repaired within our modern mechanical workshop or manufactured new by reverse engineering. Being equipped with modern CNC machine tools of various sizes we can process and manufacture large engine components up to 2m in diameter, 10m long and 60tons of weight.

In addition critical components such as crankshafts, turbocharger rotors and pistons can be restored and recover their operational life and value, with Laser Cladding. Laser cladding is the only long-term sustainable solution for the restoration of critical components, especially rotors, damaged by erosion or wear.

In turbines, we have proven over the years our value and commitment to high quality works. Being a major service provider for PPC (Public Power Corporation) we have played a major role repeatedly in various tasks, from on-site operations such as inspections, machining and overhauling, to manufacture of turbine blades by reverse engineering, turbine rotors and casings machining, modifications and repairs with Laser Cladding. We have manufactured thousands of turbine blades of various sizes, for customers all over the world, PPC being one of them. Indicative works we carry out in house are bearing re-metallizing, replacement of casing and rotor sealing strips and machining to final dimensions and repair of journals with Laser Cladding. Our heavy duty CNC machine tools can accommodate large turbine rotors and casings and process such within high accuracy.

Our technical background, together with our machinery infrastructure, the metallurgical laboratory and engineers, form a solid unit that can support power stations, no matter what the prime mover is, fast and reliably. In this high demanding industry, prompt response, short lead time and quality are of high importance for power station operators. Those are our strengths.