Reconditioning is usually the most cost- effective solution for dealing with piston crown damages. However, reconditioning process can differ a lot from vendor to vendor.  Some of the most critical factors that define the quality of the reconditioning service are:

  • The restoration of the piston crown back to the original dimensions. Building up and not just machining is required in order this factor to be satisfied.
  • Grooves chrome plating thickness
  • Grinding of piston ring grooves after machining
  • Quality assurance throughout the repair process and quality control
  • Traceability of the reconditioned component

KIMI’s reconditioning services ensure full restoration of the components’ service life.

We offer:

  • Written guarantee of 20000 running hours or 2 years of operation- whichever comes first
  • Restoration to the original dimensions. We do not just recondition, we rebuild piston crowns
  • Stamp on rebuilt piston crowns with KIMI logo and order number in order to enhance traceability
  • Initial and final inspection- if necessary even in between the repair stages- in order to increase customers visibility
  • Measurement report, ultrasonic and stress relieving certificate. NDT services and certificates are issued by certified personnel (Level II EN473)
  • Grooves grinding on each side with maximum parallelism deviation 0.01mm as per makers specification. High parallelism deviation between upper and lower groove side causes piston ring seizing
  • The option of applying Inconel on piston’s top surface for higher corrosion resistance
  • Piston crowns- available on stock- for providing on exchange basis or for sale
  • Rebuilding of grooves- partial repair at a lower price