We undertake the maintenance of power plants’ diesel engines including:

  • Piston overhauling
  • Liner overhauling
  • Cylinder covers and exhaust valve cages overhauling
  • Fuel pumps overhauling
  • Crankshaft and camshaft inspection
  • Air coolers overhauling
  • Turbocharger overhauling

KIMI recognizes how important it is to keep shut down time to minimum without sacrificing the quality of works. Since 1984 we have overhauled a remarkable number of diesel- 2-stroke and 4-stroke- engines for power plants engines of various types including MAN B&W, SULZER, PIELSTICK, WARTSILA. The experience and the skills that we have developed over the years in conjunction with our state of the art mechanical workshop, allow us to perform above tasks as well as tasks that require higher expertise flexibly in order to minimize downtime.

In our Rebuilding Department, we can recondition combustion chamber components like piston crowns, exhaust valve spindles and seats, cylinder heads and piston rods. Fuel injection equipment like fuel valves, injectors and fuel pumps works- overhauling, adjustment and testing- are carried out in our Fuel Injection Department. In case where spares are required or parts may found beyond repair, then our Reverse Engineering Department takes over and reproduces necessary parts.

Critical, high- value components that have suffered damage and would otherwise be considered scrap are restored and regain their service life and value with our Laser Cladding technology. Crankshafts (crankpin journal or main journals), 4-stroke pistons, turbocharger rotors (rotor journals, turbine blade tips and compressor wheels), turbocharger casings, camshaft sections and gears are some of the components being processed in our Laser Cladding cell.

If on-site machining operations need to be carried out- in-situ crankshaft grinding, line boring, honing, drilling, milling and turning- our machine portfolio can fully support these. Modern portable machines and skilled machinists are available on 24h basis and can travel globally for such demanding operations.