Centrifugal compressors or reciprocating and pumps constitute important mechanical equipment in oil and gas refineries and petrochemical plants all over the world.

Both types of equipment consist of critical, highly stressed components of high complexity and value. Such critical machinery require extra care during maintenance, overhaul or repairs, as a component failure may lead to long shutdown and negative consequences to the overall production.

Over the last 10 years we have successfully carried out overhaul, repairs and components manufacture, of several compressors and pumps for the Greek refining industries. Our highly skilled service engineers can carry out overhaul of any kind of compressor and pump at professional level. Moreover, in cases where repairs need to be carried out our equipment infrastructure can provide cost effective and reliable solutions. Our state of art Laser Cladding cell, one of the biggest in Europe, can restore worn surfaces of critical components and get the same back in operation.  It is applied on compressor wheel blade tips, inlet casings, diffusers, pinion journals, crankshaft journals, pistons, pump impellers, pump shafts and casings and any other worn out surface.

For new components to be made like compressor wheels, pump impellers, shafts, casings, diffusers,  high speed gears etc, our reverse engineering department responds promptly and together with our metallurgical lab personnel and our CNC department, can manufacture high quality components, completely identical to original at short lead time and at much lower cost. Our set up allows us to be flexible and adapt quickly to our customer demands, making sure always that they will get the best exactly when needed. Our top concern is quality no matter if we simply overhaul machinery, or carry out repairs or even producing parts, that is why we invest in highly skilled personnel, modern equipment and new technologies.

Being a major service provider for the Greek refining industry and related production sites, we are proud of our successful services track record and our will is to keep it growing, based on our quality policy.