Two stroke cylinder covers often suffer from cracks around spray holes or air-starting valve hole, worn sealing o-ring grooves, burnt areas as well as radial cracks. Cylinder cover reconditioning is carried out at a fraction of replacing the cylinder cover with a new one. However, poor reconditioning may result in rapid component failure and much higher associated costs.

At KIMI we apply techniques in order to detect successfully not only surface but also defects embodied within the cylinder cover. Following the completion of the inspection stage, our Level II EN473 certified personnel issues certificates for the NDT carried out. The certificates along with a detailed inspection report and the repair procedure required to be followed are forwarded to the customer.

For cases that severe cracking has occurred- radial cracks have been generated from the cooling bores- we remove the entire combustion surface up to the cooling bores and fully rebuild it. Since cylinder cover’s service life is fully restored, for our rebuilding service we offer a 20000 running hours guarantee.

Upon customers’ request, deposition of an Inconel layer around the spray holes is applied for higher resistance to crack occurrence. Final quality check involves water pressure test for all the types of cylinder covers reconditioned in our workshop.