Even for heavily damaged cylinder covers, reconditioning is carried out at a fraction of the cost of a new cylinder cover. However, poor reconditioning may result in rapid component failure or in shorter life expectancy and subsequently in unexpected downtime and high associated costs.

During the inspection of the cylinder cover, it is critical non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques to be applied properly in order cracks and defects to be detected. If NDT is not applied or if it is not applied correctly unrevealed cracks and defects are likely to remain in the cylinder cover after reconditioning.

At KIMI we apply techniques in order to detect successfully not only surface but also defects embodied within the cylinder cover. Based on inspection findings we propose our customers the repair procedure that has to be followed. For cases that severe cracking has occurred we carry out full rebuilding of the cylinder cover and we restore the component’s service life back to “0” running hours.

Our customers benefit from:

  • Our ability to conduct detailed inspection, apply proper NDT testing and detect defects in total successfully. For our NDT services we offer certificates issued by certified personnel (Level II EN473)
  • Our full-rebuilding service. We reset the service life of the cylinder cover and therefore offer a written guarantee of 20000 running hours or 2 years of operation- whichever comes first
  • Our flexibility to offer five different repair costs depending on the inspection findings
  • Our option to apply Inconel layer around fuel injection area upon customer request
  • Our offering of water pressure test after reconditioning is completed