Damages caused from non-well-maintained fuel injection equipment such as fuel valve poor atomization or nozzle leakage can severely impact engine performance and increase operating costs. KIMI has long experience in fuel pump and fuel injector overhauling for main and auxiliary engines. Executed either in our workshop, on vessels or in power stations, our overhauling procedure is in line with manufacturers recommendations. In our workshop, grinding of fuel pump and fuel valve components contact faces and seats is carried out with our high- precision grinding machines that restore proper seating and sealing. After overhauling is completed, fuel elements are assembled and tested for function and performance with our OEM approved fuel test equipment.

Regarding slide fuel valves, after completion of the overhauling process, KIMI sends customers a report indicating the number of slide fuel valves that could not be overhauled due to excessive wear. For those slide fuel valves KIMI recommends customers to proceed with the in- house developed slide fuel valve remanufacturing service in order to restore fuel valves performance and service life. A remanufacturing method is also recommended for fuel pump suction valves that cannot be overhauled. Finally, for fuel injector non-return valves, customers are offered to proceed with a repair service that will prolong damaged non-return valves service life.

Our experienced travelling team is available round- the- clock for visiting and carrying out overhauling on board worldwide.