Apart from the main propulsion engines and the diesel generators, a vessel accommodates several other machinery auxiliary and non-auxiliary that support the safe and reliable running of engines, the living conditions of the crew and the port operations such as loading/unloading, mooring etc.

Deck machinery includes mooring winches and anchor winches, cranes, hydraulic jacks etc. Whereas engine room auxiliary machinery includes, various pumps like cooling water, lubricating and circulating pumps, blowers, compressors, heat exchangers, steering gear, stern tube and intermediate bearings etc.

Often repairs are necessary to keep that equipment operative. A water pump may need a new shaft or new impeller to be fabricated. Heat exchangers like main engine air coolers often need re-tubing and or new plates to be made. Winches often suffer from damaged gears and bushes. Slewing bearings being the weak point of cargo cranes often need to be repaired or replaced. Hydraulic jacks may also found damaged, leaking or seized, making repairs inevitable. Another common failure, often met is the need for re-metaling of intermediate bearings and stern tube bearings. A rudder carrier or the ruder stock or both may get damaged due to wrong maneuvering. The rudder bushes may suffer as well.

All the above damages and even more are all handled successfully by our modern mechanical workshop, skilled technical staff and engineers. Our facilities are armored with state of the art equipment for high accuracy machining and worn surface built up technologies like SAW (Submerged Arc Welding), MIG, TIG and Laser Cladding, are applied and restore the operational life of the defective component.

Some indicative works that our workshop undertakes include the following:

  • Propeller shaft machining or manufacturing, coupling bolts manufacturing.
  • Rudder stock machining or manufacturing, rudder bushes manufacturing.
  • Stern tube bearing and intermediate bearing remetallizing and machining.
  • Steering gear repairs and components manufacture.
  • Manufacture of pump parts like shafts, impellers, casings.
  • Repair of mooring, anchor and windlass winches, gears manufacture, brakes etc.
  • Hydraulic cylinders repairs, piston and cylinder manufacture.
  • Heat exchanger (air coolers, oil coolers etc) repair and manufacture.
  • Gears manufacture and overhauling of gear boxes.