At KIMI, we do not just recondition, we rebuild 2- stroke piston crowns back to their original dimensions and we offer a guarantee of 20000 running hours or 2 years (whichever comes first).

All piston crowns are rebuilt using special filler wire, alloyed with Molybdenum (Mo), which offers high strength at high temperatures. The same material is used for the top surface restoration.  Upon customer’s request, the top surface can be restored by applying Inconel, for higher corrosion resistance. Machining takes place on a vertical CNC lathe that restores dimensions and tolerances back to original within an accuracy of 0.01mm. Other key features of our rebuilding service are, the chrome thickness on each side of the grooves, which is 0.5mm on each side, after grinding and the maximum deviation in parallelism between the grooves’ sides which is kept to 0.01mm as per maker’s specifications. The last feature is achieved by carrying out grinding on a dedicated piston groove grinding machine.

During processing and before dispatching our pistons are subjected to rigorous quality checks including, dimensional, NDT (penetrant and ultrasonic) and plating thickness measurement. All pistons are stamped with order numbers, for easy tracking and performance check and are followed with detailed reports as well as quality certificates and a formal written guarantee.

Based on piston crown’s condition, KIMI offers customers the choice to rebuild the entire piston crown or only the grooves at a lower price.